Playback Theatre Courses

The Playback courses can be taught for groups of people that already know each other just as well as for those that will be meeting for the first time.

Through group exercises and theater games, the students develop or strengthen their connection with the group and learn some of the Playback Theatre forms to recreate onstage their peers personal stories.

Courses opened to the public or developed for your group!

In a quick and, a lot of times, surprising way people that didn't know each other in the beginning of the class, create bonds and feel comfortable sharing personal stories. For the basic course, no previous experience is required.

For people that have already taken the basic course, SDW offers courses about specific aspects of Playback Theatre. The courses can deepen the students' knowledge on the forms to recreate stories, on the social element of Playback Theatre, on conducting, on music, on character building, among other themes.

The courses have sessions of a minimum of 3 hours and are offered to groups of 8 to 20 people per facilitator.

SDW also offers Playback Theatre courses for clowns and for students of English of a Second Language.

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