Playback Courses for Clowns

The Playback Theatre workshop developed for clowns allows each participant to deepen their listening, self-awareness, focus, clear communication, body expression, and voice projection.

On the Playback Theatre stage, the clown is completely vulnerable and goes deep in the essence of the stories with extremely certainty and determination, facilitating the learning of the new technique.

During the workshop, the clowns go through new situations and the participants have the chance of discovering new emotions and reactions of their clowns, enhancing their knowledge about them.

For both, established groups as well as people that have never worked together, the Playback Theatre workshop for clowns will:

  • Strengthen the group;
  • Develop the awareness of the moment to shine and the moment to support your partner;
  • Exercise and refine the improvisation work;
  • Explore each person's creativity and spontaneity potential.

Designed for people that have their clowns developed.

No previous experience with Playback Theatre is required! 

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