Team Building Workshops

A workshop can last 3 hours, an entire day, or have sections divided into several days, depending on the goals the client has. The groups can have 8 to 20 people per facilitator. The workshops are designed individually for each client. 

Strengthening Your Team!

We offer team building exercises, games of improvisation and acting, as well as many activities to develop the group's creativity. The great differential is the use of Playback Theatre techniques, where personal stories are shares and, immediately after, recreated onstage by the other team members. The themes of these stories can be previously decided according to each team's needs.

Some of the anticipated outcomes:

  • Awareness and ability to handle differences
  • Management and addition of individual values
  • More trust in the team members
  • Feeling safe in being part of the team
  • Success in managing large amounts of information
  • Handling conflict situations better
  • Openness for the new
  • Exploring the potential of creativity and spontaneity 
  • Flexibility to handle unexpected situations
  • Stronger capacity of making decision as an individual and in a group
  • Development of self confidence to face challenges 
  • Pro activity 

Other skills developed
  • Self-awareness
  • Clear communication
  • Body expression
  • Focus
  • Voice projection
  • Interpretation of emotions
  • Feeling safe in improvised situations
  • Deep listening
  • Management of shyness 
  • Search for the essence of each situation
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